I’m the “buck stops here” guy for putting together the Creative Vision Series Talks for the ImageMakers and Center For Photographic Art. We just had a great talk by Charlie Cramer (www.charlescramer.com).

Got to meet Charlie Cramer face-to- face finally, and to rehash “The Anomaly Factory” (you know who you are!) with Bill Atkinson. He had some mockups of the iPad with him and he was busy showing off his iPhone software. (http://www.billatkinson.com/aboutPhotoCard.html.) In turn, I shared my iPad project with him. He’s just as brilliant and energetic and enthusiastic as he was 38 years ago…

Charlie is diminutive and delightful. He brought along many of his prints to see, and even compare (photo paper vs Cibachrome vs Dye-Transfer vs LightJet vs old Epson vs new Epson.) Seeing them all side by side was really a revelation as to how far photo printing technology has come.

Had nearly 80 people show up.


Charlie at a signing after the talk.


During the break. (Most folks went outside to stretch.)


Bill looks like he doesn’t believe me!