How to avoid tearing your hair out when trying to print roll-paper banners on the Epson 2200 using the Epson drivers. (originally posted 10/28/04)

I lost a huge chunk of hair, and about 24 hours trying to figure these hints out:

If you’re not using the GIMP print driver, (see other blog entry) then here’s how to print out a banner on the Epson 2200 using the Epso-supplied printer drivers.

Seems that all this has to happen: 1) paper cannot be 13×44″, I set a custom paper size to 12.5×43.75 (web reports seem to be true: if 44 or larger, the driver doesn’t orientate the photo properly) 2) turned off centering (after centering the image) 3) had to set it for 2880, as 1440 caused the job to refuse to print (stopped it without running it).

Also note that the image will load with the wrong paper size in print setup dialog. Before moving to print w/ preview, go to page setup and set proper paper size, and then save the file. (Yes, the save seems to be necessary)

In print/preview, verify that the proper page size (see above) is, in fact the one showing.

use a 2880 profile (Mine was SP2200 prem.luster 2880.icc)

In print dialog, select “roll” printer (not borderless; not ‘borderless banner’)

Select paper as paper-saving cut; cut sheet (but I did it without the cutter installed…)